ART testimonials

“When you look young, you feel young. I’ve been using this system for 3 1/2 months and my skin appears fresh and feels soft. Every time I apply the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, I can feel how much the texture of my skin has improved because the bumps on my skin have disappeared. I don’t even mind telling people that I’m over 50 because I feel like I look younger than ever! In fact, right after I started using the ART system, I left on a two-week vacation. When I returned, I went out to dinner with my girlfriends and they actually accused me of having a facelift! With comments like that, I will always use this product!”

Lil Shepherd
Young Living Employee

“I am LOVING the new ART products! Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend who hadn’t seen me since June and she posed this statement: ‘Janet, you look different! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you had a facelift!’ I told her that I have! It’s a facelift in a jar! I love this new product and I am grateful to Young Living for this wonderful skin care system.”

Janet McBride
Young Living Distributor

“I’ll be the first to admit that I was a skeptic. I was asked to participate in a focus group at the corporate office and started using the ART System. While I immediately noticed softer skin, I didn’t feel like it was improving the overall appearance of my skin. After all, you look at yourself in the mirror everyday and it’s difficult to see subtle changes. Six weeks later, the photographer took my after shot and said, “you had better come down and take a look at this.” I was shocked! The difference in my before and after photo was unbelievable! The fine lines and wrinkles had almost disappeared, the bulge under my eye had tightened and my crows feet were half what they used to be. The results are truly amazing!”

Mary Lou Jacobson
Young Living Employee

“Growing up, I was always the child with the worst acne in my family. When I reached my 20’s, I thought my acne would improve but it only got worse! I was finally diagnosed with cystic acne, an extreme case of painful acne that causes scarring on the face. Since using ART, I have had fewer breakouts, my scars have improved, and someone even accused me of being 9 years younger than my actual age! When one of my friends mentioned my “beautiful skin,” it did wonders for my self esteem. This product is phenomenal.”

Susie Bagwell
Young Living Distributor

“As a Registered Nurse, I like combining methods of natural healing with modern science. Through this experience, I’ve developed a passion for using essential oils. When I discovered Young Living had developed a skin care product using two powerful essential oils, frankincense and sandalwood, I was convinced this skin care system would work! From the first application, my skin looked healthier, felt softer and the firming affects were noticeable amongst family and friends. Even my friends in my yoga class have mentioned the improved appearance of my skin! As a result, I have been able to share this product with others interested in anti-aging and skin health which has been a simple and effective way to enhance my personal business!”

Marilee Tolen
Young Living Distributor

“As a model and professional makeup artist for the last 12 years, I am used to using a number of products on myself and my clients to keep skin looking young, vibrant, and healthy. In fact, my typical skin care regimen included using a wrinkle cream, an eye cream, a collagen stimulator, and a moisturizer, which can be an expensive and inconvenient way to keep skin looking polished. What impressed me the most about ART is that you’re getting all of these maintenance and anti-aging benefits in one system! After just two days of use, I could tell a big difference in the texture, tone, and appearance of my skin. ART is also easy to wear under makeup or sunscreen, which allows me to take better care of my complexion and provide affordable, efficacious, and lasting results for my clients as well.”

Kathy Varga
Model, Professional Makeup Artist

Day Activator – 5170
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Night Reconstructor- 5171
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Gentle Foaming Cleanser – 5172
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