Young Living Business Opportunity

At the Forefront of 5 Major Trends

  • Alternative medicine is exploding – A 1998 Harvard Medical School study reported that alternative medical visits have jumped 47% since 1990. In 1997, there were 629 million visits to alternative medical providers but only 386 million visits to primary care doctors.
  • The rediscovery of aromatherapy is sweeping the nation and now is mainstream – Trend forecaster Faith Popcorn predicted in her book that aromatherapy would emerge as one of the most popular wellness trends and that the use of aromatic oils would be part of almost every home by the end of the decade.
  • Aging baby boomers are preoccupied with image, longevity, health & fitness – Never before has such a large part of the population been so primed for cutting-edge solutions.
  • People are tuned into emergency preparedness & medical self sufficiency – Consumers are preparing for emergency situations in increasing numbers.
  • Home based businesses are emerging as an enduring trend – They are positively booming & are likely to keep growing for decades.

“There are enough deductions involved in a home business to cut the average American’s taxes by as much as $5,000 or more per year.”

    •  -Money Central

“The greatest tax reduction strategy in America is to start a home based business.” Jeff Schnepper, Microsoft tax expert

Why We Are Different

  • Unique products – Made with exclusive trade secret formulations, Young Living’s products set new standards of excellence. Consumers have unmatched loyalty to the products because of their life-changing results.
  • Organic farms – Young Living produces essential oils from herbs grown organically on farms located in areas where no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals have been used.
  • Proprietary distillation – Gary Young’s Proprietary distillation process results in essential oils unmatched purity.
  • Cutting-edge technology – Young Living stays at the forefront of natural health.
  • Stability – Young Living is a firmly established seven-year-old, financially solvent company.
  • Fair & Lucrative compensation plan – Both part time distributors & full time professionals benefit.
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Successful distributors can reach levels that include car bonuses
  • Effective distributor-support program
  • Integrity of the leadership – Gary Young has over 20 years experience in health science and has studied worldwide. Moreover he has built his company on Bible-based morals & values.
  • Inspired mission & vision – Gary Young’s story is the most powerful in network marketing. He is a leading force in the rediscovery of the value of essential oils & other one-of-a-kind health solutions.

Why is Young Living Organized as a Network Marketing Company?

  • Word-of-mouth communication is one of the fastest ways to spread information to many people.
  • Network marketing is one of the few ways left for the average person to make a better than average income.
  • Network marketing allows each person to receive personal attention & training, which is impossible in a retail store.
  • Network marketing is a huge segment of the home based business market, and Young Living is uniquely poised to capitalize on both trends.
  • Network marketing allows thousands of people to be educated & trained at the same time.

Benefits of Joining Young Living in the Grade A Notes Team

  • Web site for your business and use of the Grade A Notes newsletter to help build your business.
  • Free Mini Training Course – You can subscribe to a 14 day mini training course that will send an email training module every day for 14 days. This training is detailed information on how to build your Young Living business both online and offline, using the Grade A Notes System. It works in connection with the many tools and resources you will find in the members area.
  • Use of autoresponder files.Access to the private members area with:
    • Essential Oils Library – Articles & education about essential oils & related stuff.
    • Business Builders Area – Detailed instruction on many ways to build your business, many tools for building & advertising your business both online and offline – including flyers, dropcards & much more.

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